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a movement system for

Virtual Reality

Vreak is the perfect fusion of hardware (P.L.A.T.O.) and software specifically designed for movement (VRmove).

The P.L.A.T.O. is a completely Wireless platform that boosts omnidiectional natural movement.

VRmove will be defined as the algorithm in a piece of software (for Android, *.APK) fully configurable that manages to transfer real steps (both in Plato or out of it) to the virtual enviroment with the help of a hardware executing the code.


VReak System



The platform is an antitractionsystem that manages to remove displacement without missing the sensations of natural walking or running.

We have different finishes, each with its precise movement rate and an optimal slope. Fibreglass and varied woods.

Even thought the P.L.A.T.O. can be used without, the banister is the key to optimize the experience and improve its safety.

Not only avoids any risk but also allows the experience to be adjusted to everyone. In some models the banister is foldable for a more comfortable transport.


Our plaform is totally analogue and out of any wire or sensor so it can be used from the very first moment without any configuration.


That´s why we use directly hardware from the headset of virtual reality by the use of our own algorithm.



Our algorithm has evolved with time and applications improvement giving more flexibility to the user.

It is used in all our applications and can be integrated easily in experiences of others.

Going a bit in depth in the technical aspects of the movement algorithm, it can be resumed in the following flow chart.


At the same time if the fluctuations of the accelerometer shown in the image are considered, maximums or “motion peaks” must be detected.


The filtering is a complex process band-pass-filter that must be meassured experimentally on each device, since it is not equal in an Ocultus Quest or in an Iphone or Android.



Personalisation of movement by our algorithm in key aspects such as speed, acceleration, inertia or joystick and buttons use mades it totally adaptable to a wide range of uses from  business presentations to action games or scape rooms as well as any other virtual reality or mixed.

Vreak is the root of all our applications and as such it has a raw part in each of them.

A social app where you can meet friends in the park to chat, play sports, design a presentation or even take part in a shooter.


We are a company moving and adapting to the new trends of market.

We want to place VR together with Plato and our applications to every home in an affordable way for the final user.

Vreak Meetings was born during the pandemic to take Virtual Reality to work meetings.

Presentations, videos, whiteboard, interactive 3D models and much more.

Vreak Sports is a sports app. Football, Basket and Golf with unbelievable fisics in multiplayer mode.

Vreak Invaders is a futuristic shooter where you can eliminate alien ships togeher with your best friends.


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